An Intern’s Perspective: Savanna Heydon

For most of my life, I’ve fantasized about a career in the video production industry. Though taking several film classes after high school heightened this infatuation of mine, my summer as an intern at The Big Picture undoubtedly confirmed it.

The opportunity to gain hands-on experience on a professional set was one I could not pass up. From going on corporate video shoots, to arranging necessary budgeting sheets, to working with professional production and editing equipment, each day with The Big Picture aided in my aim to familiarize myself as best I could with all facets of the modern film industry.

On corporate shoots, I worked closely with various members of the crew. Most commonly, I acted as an assistant to the director of photography. Beyond simply coordinating lighting, I gained firsthand experience with a much higher-quality camera than I ever had before. Doing so allowed me to better understand technical as well as aesthetic choices the director of photography made during shoots.

Using the knowledge I gained in the weeks prior, the process of constructing my own short video was made smoother, with fewer loose ends than if I had attempted to produce a similar project before my experience. Where I would not have considered the importance of budgeting previously, I am now capable of organizing detailed spreadsheets delegating costs of crew, equipment, and props. Before, my capabilities of cinematography were limited to simple DSLR cameras. Now, I have acquainted myself with the more advanced HD Sony EX3 camera. I was aslo given the opportunity to work with Final Cut to edit my project when I had only ever used Adobe Premiere in the past.

Above all else, my time with The Big Picture taught me about what a healthy, professional work environment looked and felt like. Never before have I encountered such an approachable group of knowledgeable people. Each team member possessed an astounding ability to make me feel unconditionally welcome, allowing me to feel absolutely comfortable asking questions when needed. Even down to the basics of professionalism in terms of the proper way of interacting with a client, I feel I have learned a lot from my experience.

Not only did my summer with The Big Picture teach me specific skills useful in today’s rapidly-progressing film industry, but it offered me clarity into my prospective future as well. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, The Big Picture!