Big Picture Highlights Webcor Values at New Transbay Transit Center

When Big Picture was asked by Webcor Builders to produce their annual holiday event, we were excited to find out that we would be setting up the AV show and presenting their awards videos at the new Transbay Transit Center site.

Set to open in early 2018, the site represents not only Webcor values, but the values that we at Big Picture embrace and help our clients promote. And we were the first ones in there!

If you have been in the bay area long enough, you know that the San Francisco skyline is fast growing. All this new growth is changing the way we see the horizon. Webcor is one of the top builders on the west coast and is responsible for a lot of that changing skyline in the city. But did you know that Webcor is also one of the leaders of green building and technology? That they value safety, integrity and creativity, as well as the individuals who make their teams successful?

As with all our clients, we were delighted to shoot, script and edit the videos that would be presented that evening. It was an honor to craft the videos that would highlight the individuals that represent not only the company that they work for, but all of us here in the bay area.

The new Transbay Terminal Center will connect so many of us to the bustling hub of growth and technology and we look forward to creating more stories for our clients. We look forward to what 2018 has in store, and we can’t wait to see the unveiling of the new Transbay Transit Center site as well as the other buildings that Webcor is working on around San Francisco and beyond!

Check out the new Transbay Transit Center here:


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