What It Takes to Stand Out from the Crowd

Big Picture once again sets the stage with stylish live event production. So how do you introduce the world’s leading entrepreneurial talents on the west coast?

You turn to Big Picture. Because you better believe that these regional finals brought us the best of the best, and the awards ceremonies needed to reflect the caliber of talent in the room.

For this year’s gala events, the numbers were BIG. The live event production took on 300 graphic and video elements, 78 finalists interviews, 50 B-Roll shoots, 26 category winners and full stage and set design in 3 locations – Seattle, Los Angeles and San Jose.

We saw  finalists from Technology, Sciences, Hospitality, Communications, Media and Entertainment, Goods and Services, and the Health and Financial sectors, just to name a few.

These entrepreneurs push the boundaries in the categories they are in. They are changing the lives of the everyday consumer, often times without us even knowing it. But we want you to know. That is our mission, that is our goal. To tell their story, and recognize the tenacity and character it takes to be them and put their companies on the map. Real people making real changes.

So as we settled into the Editorial process, after getting to know the finalists through interviews and bios, we were gifted the ability to craft stories about the real people behind these successful companies, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Big Picture is a turnkey event producer. We create inspirational video, provide state of the art AV, show direction, editorial design, script writing and labor; we do it all.

This year we will produce more that 90 live events for over 30 associations and Fortune 500 companies.

Let us tell your story.

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