Future Work Now EY

When Ernst & Young was ready to launch a new product that would help companies transition into the digital age, they called on Big Picture to create an inspirational video that showcased the developing procedures of maximizing performance of a future workforce. 

They branded this “Future Work Now”.

Our goal was to produce a video that took viewers through a “day in the life” of an up and coming manager while demonstrating the structural pillars of Future Work Now.

While our creative team worked on conceptual, our production team lined up multiple locations. Crew up with 35 professionals for 3 days on location in Los Angeles.  We hired over 50 actors and back ground talent for the various scenes. Big Picture conceptualized a fictitious global water purification company, branding offices with the “Pure Maji” logo as our creative graphics team designed and implemented all computer, television and phone screens.  Every scene had a modern day look combined with a slightly futuristic flare.

The finished video was well received and prominently placed on EY’s Future Work Now website.