Good Work Leads to More Work

The boss always says, “Good work leads to more work”. And when we created a scripted, story-driven product launch for EY’s Personal Finance, we found out just how true those words are. We went big on story and relatability, and the launch was a huge hit; not just with our client at EY, but with other clients within the company as well.

We found that getting our client comfortable with taking a risk on a story driven piece to make the connection with their intended audience would have a larger impact than just a talking head power point type presentation. The result? Big Picture landed three new clients on this video within a few months time. Why? Because good work leads to more work. Our entire team went all in, from creative to production management to execution of the filming and post-production.

Check out the video below and look at our team in action behind the scenes.

You can also check out our Global Tax Platform Video here: